Heart Beatitude


03:37 Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show (2000)-- The word "Beatitude" means" supreme blessedness or happiness. I heard that word a lot in my Catholic upbringing. One of the Beatitudes is" Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth". I was thinking of holiness here - the strange miracle of power that is the physical heart and its continuous waves of beating; the heart's "poetic" attitude reflected in its rhythm. "Blessed is the heart because it beats and continues to beat......" In the title is also "Heart" and "Beat" and "Be" and "Attitude". I was thinking of all this when I named the piece. What is the "attitude" that one is "being" (forming). Especially , my thinking was that a particular poetic " attitude ", personal responses - ways of being/doing/acting/thinking had a lot to do with the heart's sensations and unique beating and rhythmic qualities - I have have struggled with a heart arythhmia for most of my life (recently repaired by Catheter Ablation). This song was a meditation on my very troublesome heart rhythm. A heart problem that shaped most of my living for 40 years. I gave this song the beat of a heart as the frame of reference -its foundation. Author Stanley Keleman(www.centerpress.com) used this piece music in a few of his videos (2008) to demonstrate his view of the person's formative process in human evolution. What is portrayed in his video is the pulsing of layers of form that is the brain and body - an ocean wave rolling full formed up the sand and then going back.. filling and emptying - forming and un-forming , alternating shapes of "porosity, motility, rigidity and density") that grows new form. ( Stanley Keleman's language here). The music floats upon the heartbeat here. and the piece also alternates minor to major key - two different shapes resonating a form/dislogue in a particular way.The different shapes of an evolving growing form. ( Jim T )

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