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Fairfax,CA 2006 (Archive video from 1992/1994)
Flash Video (Time: 7:25)video: k. wills/audio: S. Brown


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"The best rock and roll is poetry in motion, with or without words — and some of the best records of the year came without. The Mermen play an extreme brand of surf music; the trebly turbulent and black minor chord moods of guitarist Jim Thomas are like a rough ride on the icy seas of the mid-Atlantic. Hints of Dick Dale filter through the cracked sidewalk wave forms of Sonic Youth. Thomas sounds more like Neil Young at the wheel of the good ship Crazy Horse." --David Fricke, Rolling Stone

"The Mermen and particularly guitarist Jim Thomas, has morphed surf music into a new age. He's doing it first and so far the best." Raoul Hernandez, The Austin Chronicle

"Jim Thomas's dazzling guitar work steals the show. Informed by both Dick Dale's staccato precision and Hendrix's molten psychedelia, Thomas possesses a flawless technique and a highly personal sound. Moving from deftly controlled feedback to breakneck accuracy to hushed crystalline passages, Thomas proves that he is one of rock's premier ax wielders." Rick Reger, Chicago Tribune

"The Mermen inject gravitas into the camp-added surf genre like spiritual beach bums searching for that elusive last wave. Tracing the 11 year span from KRILL SLIPPIN to the recent AMAZING CALIFORNIA HEALTH & HAPPINESS ROAD SHOW, the Mermen have gotten increasingly open ended and jammy but remain as narcotic as the bends." Andrew Lentz, LA Weekly

"Jim Thomas may well be the best psychedelic surf guitarist in the world." San Francisco Bay Guardian, BEST OF THE BAY awards Aug, 2002

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