Mermen Surf Music Band

The Mermen at the Haunted House

The Mermen at the Haunted House
Track Name Time
Pull of the Moon 12:34
Honeybomb 6:09
Lonely Road (Krill Slippin) 3:39
Casbah - America 5:09
Into the West - Be My Noir 10:44
My Black Bag 5:45
Gulch of Spleens 3:39
Quiet Surf 2:50
The Whales Are Coming & Boy Are They Pissed 11:31
Unknown 2:22
Splashin' With the Mermaid 3:31
Penetration 3:13
Slo Mo HVO 2:48


Jim Thomas, guitar
Allen Whitman, bass
Martyn Jones, drums

Release date: February 1, 1995
Produced by Phil Dirt and The Mermen
Engineered by Phil Dirt (live on KFJC-FM)


"...with the 12-minute 'Pull of the Moon,', you can tell that guitarist Jim Thomas is not of this planet. He coaxes some of the most sensuous tones in the galaxy imaginable from his axe, stroking and bending his strings with a lover's attention to nuance...'The Whales Are Coming and Boy Are They Pissed' interpolates traditional surf classics...(with) Martyn Jones opting for some polyrhythmic wizardry that must be heard to be believed...Clearly, 'reverential' does not appear in the Mermen's contract."

--Fred Mills, Rave Reviews

...'Pull of the Moon' is 12 minutes of building terror...The 60's...instrumental 'Casbah' is dragged into the 90's with tremolo drenched feedback...'Into the West' has standout sparse guitar lines and nice drum rolls and cymbal and the psychedelic pyrotechnics of guitarist Jim Thomas..."


At The Haunted House is a live recording made during producer Phil Dirt's KFJC-FM radio broadcast. Creating a visceral listening experience with their left-coast instrumental sound blended with a healthy dose of psychedelica, the trio (Jim Thomas (guitar), Allen Whitman (bass) and Martyn Jones (drums)) also manage to blend in a number of quotes into their original tracks. "The Whales Are Coming & Boy Are They Pissed" is a good example of this, with musical quotes such as Jaggar/Richards "Paint It Black" and the traditional "Hava Nagila", among others. At The Haunted House could be considered a true 'beat the boots' album; documenting the Mermen live, with better fidelity and performances, than the dozens of bootlegs floating around today."

--Guitar 9

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