Mermen Surf Music Band

The Band

Jim Thomas - Guitar

Jim Jennifer Burnes - Bass

Allen Martyn Jones - Drums

The Mermen's style of music has been called a lot of things, surf, rock, psychedelic, ambient, psychobilly, thrash, punk, new-age...and really, it may be all of those things. Their name came from Jimi Hendrix's song "1983, A Merman I Should Turn to Be" which captures both their love of the ocean and an appreciation of great rock and roll.

The trio of Jim Thomas, Allen Whitman, and Martyn Jones first formed in 1989 and recently reunited late in 2006. They are multi-dimensional people, each with his own unique talent, but all with a love for the music. To find out more, check out their individual bio pages.

To see a list of other musicians who have played with the Mermen, go here.

1983, A Merman I Should Turn to Be...
Jimi by Prairie Prince

Painting by Prairie Prince

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